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Augsburg is with its 263 000 inhabitants the third largest city in Bavaria after Munich and Nuremberg. The name "Augsburg" derives from the Roman province “Augusta Vindelicorum”, which was originally built by the Roman Emperor Augustus as a Roman military camp. The city is one of the eldest in Germany, according to the foundation year (15 BC) it is after Trier even the second oldest.

A popular tourist attraction, which is especially favoured by lovers on a walking tour, is the larger-than-life figure "Stoinerne Ma" (The Stone Man). According to legend, it will bring good luck to touch the stone figure with one’s nose. Besides the good luck charm Augsburg has to offer many other interesting sights. These include the medieval religious buildings including the cathedral of “Our Lady“ and the “Basilica St. Ullrich und Afra”. During the Renaissance period Augsburg experienced a peak, as well-known artists worked on various projects in the city, including: the City Hall, an important Renaissance building, and the oldest social settlement in the world, the "Fuggerei". Furthermore the Augsburg Zoo, which expects more than 500,000 visitors each year, is considered the most visited cultural institution of Bavarian-Swabia. Explore the many attractions for yourself and stay in a private room of our accommodation service Augsburg. You can also explore the beautiful cities Munich or Ulm that are very close to Augsburg.

In addition, Augsburg shows a large number of museums that offer historical and cultural program. For example, the very remarkable and in the Rococo style built Schaezlerpalais, which is home to four major art collections, furthermore the hockey museum and the birthplaces of Bertolt Brecht and Leopold Mozart, in which exhibitions of their life and work are shown. And do not forget: The puppetry museum "The box" of the Augsburg Puppet Theatre. Here you will meet the stars of the famous puppet theater, as Jim Knopf or Urmel.

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Augsburg sightseeing

The Fuggerei
The sponsored terraced houses by Jacob Fugger "the Rich" in 1521 are the oldest social settlement in the world. The settlement consists of 67 buildings with 140 apartments, inhabited by 150 needy Catholic Augsburgers. The annual rent is the same as in the 16th Century, the nominal value of the Rhenish guilder: 0,88 €. The running costs are paid by the tenants. The city within a city also has its own church and is surrounded by a wall with gates that are closed from 10pm to 5 am by a night watchman. If you want to visit the Fuggerei, you have to pay entry in order to help maintain the buildings. Among the original 18th Century-equipped apartment, visitors can see a modern home, showing how people live today in the Fuggerei.
Augsburg Puppet Theatre
The puppet theater is located in the Heilig-Geist-Spital, and well-known fairy tales and serious plays have been performed since 1948. The Augsburg Puppet Theatre is not only known for its performance but also by the many film productions such as Jim Knopf or Urmel. Next to the museum "the box" visitors can see the puppets dance live on stage. Tickets can be purchased online and on-site. The family business was originally founded by Walter Oehmichen, his wife Rose Oehmichen and their daughters Hannah and Ulla as the puppet theater “doll shrine". During the war it was destroyed in a bomb attack. After the war the family opened a new puppet theater under the name "Augsburg Puppet Theatre” in the Holy Spirit Hospital on 26th of February 1948. The first play shown was "Puss in Boots“.

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